Isis Unveiling IV: Brigit and Isis, She of Many Names

Last night I put out my special white scarf to catch Brigit’s blessings with the dew, and there it was this morning, resplendent, recharged… …and turned again to Al Jazeera and BBC24 for my daily charge on the Revolution in Egypt’s streets, now called (by some) The Lotus Revolution…with many of my pals round the […]

Celebrating the Goddess Brigit/Imbolc-1st February

Last night, on the 31st January, the Eve of Brigit’s Day, I moved into action, re-invigorating a very ancient tradition of honoring the ancient ‘Celtic’ fire Goddess Brigit: Her name may be spelt variously, especially as regards the use of ‘d’ or ”t’ (Brigid/Brigit), which are very closely linked. She is also endearingly known as […]