After Dylan Thomas, from An English Garden on Beltane Eve, 2014

  Mind clusters, garden roots green and glowing Thick in my throat, memories of times forward Fernhill potent, wordstruck, clambering tendrils   Eyepools of happiness, yellow eyed feral beasts We sing in our chains, claws intact As animals go extinct, we cry stop no more   Down the long haul, towards all our deaths We […]

V Day 2014

Yesterday Transforming Hallmark Valentine Day into Victory for Vagina Day We sang, surfed, danced and digitalized To a tricky, troubled watery, snowy, icy world, full of rolling clouds and manifest bluster, the close edge of climate change upon us Today The winds blow on, remembering Peter Postlethwaite’s gift of himself in the film Stupid, reading […]


Inspiration In this winter of discontent Fails   Even the prospect Of Yellowstone erupting Fails   Only inner life Is bright With promise   Trolling through news Facebook and email No news is good news   Only the angels Singing on earth The real ones   Age brings more meaning More insight More   The […]