Poetry at the End of the World

29 June 2010

Maybe the end of our world,
The dark at the end of the human tunnel,
Maybe we’re finally getting there
After a lot of false shows.

This poem is my sandwich board:
The End is Nigh, we’ve been very naughty
So the gods will punish us.
So we might as well fly and drive, live dangerously.

We’ve had a good party.
Those lucky bastards,
The ones who’ve snuck off recently,
Knowing, pretending their time had come.

Ah, fuck, what a drag,
Doomed humanity and so many other
Species, we’re taking them with us,
Right? No one likes going it alone.

Facing it, even with a pretty good life
Under our belt, semi-vegetarian or even vegan,
Is unbelievable torture, how can we sleep?
Things still seem so normal.

So it’s all a lie, a climate conspiracy,
But we’re all conspirators, we all breathe,
We’re all descended from those who
Started it all, we’re just ending it.

Maybe. Despite Lovelock’s
Prophecy of doom, we look around
At the children, naughty and nice,
We have to have a go.

We are just making plans,
Making it part of business as usual,
When the Gulf of Mexico disaster blows,
Putting peak oil protests into an interesting perspective.

Some of us hope the mess helps
The Big Mess, raises consciousness,
But BP’s stock has fallen to a 14 year low
And British pensions are at risk.

Oh hell, how will we keep up our lifestyles?
And to top it off England lost to Germany
In football and Fabio’s career is in doubt.
It’s very hard to be serious.

We really must pull ourselves up
And think Victory Gardens,
Tighten our belts for The Coalition .
Maybe it’s time to get redundant.

Meantime the G8/20 meet in TO
Where debt, not the end of the world
Is the Big Topic. But they are right,
It is about debt, just The Big Debt.

Maybe the concept of debt and austerity
Will trigger the human instinct of survival
And BP’s bloody bureaucracy, like all the others,
Will shatter, and the glass will be empty.

Maybe. But just in case it works out
And somebody’s out there, down the line,
I’m writing poetry
At the end of the world.

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