The Call of Isis

For Lady Olivia Robertson and Caroline Wise

20 August 2010

Q: Goddess of Old, whence, whereto do You call The Querent?

A: Down Paths of The Unforgettable,
Beyond dreary tomes and tombs
Of modern day macabre.

Follow the Fellowship of Isis. (1)
Weary not, My footsteps
Well light The Way.

Re-member the Mysteries,
Stars shine through
Cloud, rain, moon and sunbow.

Q: How shall This Querent find you?

A: Elen of the Trackways (2)
Riding Her night-mare
Snags Her prey

Climbs the stars
To bring you home to Me
Mother of All

Stretched across the skies.
Her reins skeins of gold
Silver horned in the moonlight.

Q: What awaits The Querent at The End of Her Journey?

A: Here, at Home with The Holy Ones
We remake Our Selves
Through Their Eyes we see through.

The First Mystery is our Ignorance.
Sloughed off, the gilded snake
Returns, wrapped around Our Bliss.

There is Work to do.
Come hence.
Tarry not.

(1) FOI: The Fellowship of Isis: co-founded by Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson, now 92. Lady Olivia’s autobiographical work is called The Call of Isis.
(2) In the 1980’s Caroline Wise made the world more aware of this ancient Welsh Goddess, naming Her Elen of the Ways; we eagerly await her book on Elen!

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