A Waking Vision…Lifting the Shadow with 100 Human Monkeys

Last night I experienced a wonderful Waking Vision; I have had such visions before–they are always profound, and this one especially so as it gives me hope. AND, today when I saw that at Cancun they had at least come up with something positive, however small, my hope was augmented and wondered about whether last night there weren’t millions of us ‘working on the Inner’ (and of course the many working on both the Inner and Outer there in Cancun and elsewhere) and THUS, presto, a small victory (and step forward for humanity). Let’s hope.

Here’s how it happened.

I have this ongoing dialogue with one particular of my Inner Guides, who seems to be the Diplomat Politician amongst The Group. I was taken (a process in itself that I will save describing fully for another day in my eagerness to get to the point), to what I experience as a ‘Parliament of Planetary Beings’ (or Council of Self-Aware Beings but organized on a planetary format). I have ‘been there before’ and now in fact, can attend when I request it in the right mode.  Whilst there I was given a Task or rather, asked to be part of a Task that was about to take place. I was reminded of the 100 Monkey Theory, that when a 100 monkeys know about washing their potatoes, the entire species ‘gets it’, the point being that Knowledge/Wisdom spreads like a Positive Virus. This theory was used a decade or so ago as a hopeful metaphor for humanity’s potential progress, such that even today you can still find a  cafe on the famous High Street of Glastonbury UK called ‘The Hundred Monkey’.  Part of the New Age Phenomenon but who’s knocking what works, eh? Then I was ‘asked’ to count up to 100 (was this a way to help me over come insomnia, a small part of me wondered!) BUT with each number, seeing/saying within the name of a country and sometimes thinking of a person who I knew of or knew about who was indeed ‘part of the positive solution,’ one of the seminal ‘hundred human monkeys’…I got a bit muddled and overdid it,  did more than a 100 as I was amazed at how I was SEEING countries round the globe and being aware of people whom I knew and didn’t know, working toward solutions to climate change and other challenges facing humanity and the planet. Several times, countries were thought/’mentioned’ more than once, especially Canada and USA, and I believe some countries got left out, but not many. Each time a country/person energy was thought of/mentally pictured or mentioned, there was a sort of’ ‘lift-off’ because The Essential Task was to offset the forces at work that are trying to hold back or block progress, to mentally lift off the Shadow (or Cloud or Force) that is weighing us down and is embodied in greedy, avaricious, power-over, violent people (world-wide).

As I progressed, I could literally feel the lift-off of the Shadow, it was a very sweet process and I thank my guides for persevering with me, lazy sod of a woman that I am as regards The Inner Work. You’d think all those years at The Findhorn Community would have trained me up better, but I tend too get too caught up in the immediate challenges on my doorstep, this country (UK), Canada, whatever. Yes, I sign the endless Avaaz Petitions (bless their Santa Claus socks) ETC, but this is Powerful Stuff and I shouldna be surprised to see that one small step was made forward in the Cancun Climate Talks. And only last year I was ‘down there’ LAST NOVEMBER in Mexico, in the Yucatan, working for the cause of wilderness at the 9th World Wilderness Congress, where Climate Change featured significantly. Ancient and modern Mexico with all its problems (and indeed, because of its problems)  was an inspiration, as hopefully with Ancient Egypt (so recently experience THIS November), has a magical grounded activism at its soul.

As Maggie Muggins used to ask when I was a kid (or something like), what’s happening next?

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  1. Fuggo King says:

    Hi leona, just to let you know I am reading and joining in the lifting of shadows as are many wonderful people in the north of Scotland, many of whom are scattered across the land as well as in Findhorn!

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