Isis Unveiled, Inshallah: A Response to the Revolutions in North Africa and the Gulf States

2 March 2011


She reveals Herself to us

As Her ancient homelands

Erupt in revolution


She speaks through

Many mouths

One truth


They do not call Her Name

But when they call His

She is also there


Faces bared or covered

Arms naked or clothed

Hands raised as one


The March to Freedom

In Her Old Lands

Is His March too


Man and woman, child and adult,

One Spirit, encompassing religion,

Spirituality in the yearning for freedom


And yes, Death stalks the sands

Pours out upon the streets

And the wailing of the women in black


Tears my heart

For the wild children of Freedom’s Call

We sit in the waiting room


Over in the so-called West

Watching the fabled East

With trepidation


Where our mutual sun always rises

Where the moon symbolizes beauty

Where Red Cross and Crescent Moon


Side by side on the Tunisian border

Serve The People

Sharing an old history


We must look up and back

And inward, around and through

To understand where we must stand


The pain, the agony, the torture

Of needs unmet for too long

Human together we shall sing


The Song of Freedom

Hope in Our Time

To hell with vested interests


Just this once, forever,

Can we get it right

All of us


As we face the even greater battle

Ahead, as winds and seas,

The very substance of earth


Also demand justice,

An intelligent response

From a liberated species





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4 Responses to Isis Unveiled, Inshallah: A Response to the Revolutions in North Africa and the Gulf States

  1. Jan Billings says:

    a poem of strength……….. and moving forward with epic force

  2. AH Leona;
    What a fine evocation of empathy and hope !
    may it encourage all who read here.

  3. ronnie hudson says:

    wonderful stuff dear Leona,keep it coming!

  4. may ristich says:

    so beautifully written. It evokes so much sadness, anger and beauty.
    Ahhhh yes, the result of the great spirit living within this human existance. love and hugs May

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