Observations of modern homo sapiens: Part I

Embarrassing moments of other people.  Backpack installation. Yesterday, on my way to work I saw a poor, rather rotund fellow trying to put on his large, overburdened backpack.  He managed to get his left arm through the strap (observation: I muse that he might be right-handed) but insertion of other arm (right, for those that may be wondering) was proving difficult while standing up.  Therefore he sat on the planter and tried again to insert the abovementioned right appendage but to no avail!  No-one tried to help!  Why?  He was in obvious need.   Have you ever had a backpack incident?  I certainly have and have never been assisted either.  There is simply a lack of charity when it comes to putting on backpacks.  Something needs to be done.  This blog for a start…

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  1. Leona Graham says:

    No doubt peoples’ backpacks have Some Symbolic Import, perhaps they are working out Carrying Karma, trying to attach awkward, over weighty loads on their backs…maybe people pick this up on the Unconscious Plane and decide to let the Poor Souls who struggle with ungainly, unmanageable amounts of materials goods in their lives to work it out for themselves, or do not wish their own karma to get entwined with such Struggling Souls for fear of getting Unduly Trapped in further Karma, or now with security measures , they fear approaching said (potentially bomb carrying) Backbacks.

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