Remembering Mum

Two years ago yesterday

You leapt into other dimensions

True to your philosophical bent

You chose when and how

Just as the angel image of you returned

Your white haloed hair you so kindly passed to me

Striking full force into my awakened dream state

We greeted one another as of old

Full of the joy of life

You live in my heart’s mind

What a woman you remain, not a lady you’d always say

A woman in full power

How we miss you

Thank go(o)d(d)ess for dreams and memory

I remember you, honour you, owe my life to you

Blessed Be.

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  1. Clare Chitty says:

    This has touched me today
    As I walk alongside my aged mother
    Another stalwart white-haired

    Slowly finding her way on
    And very much loved and respected
    Thank you Leona!
    Best wishes…

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