Black on Red

Blackbirds cluster on crabapples

The black cat watches with yellow eyes

The garden sighs softly as winter drops


In nearby Norwich the protestors occupy

Haymarket Square; we drop in for a cuppa,

Mandy and me. They are Us, Reborn,


Ready for action. An old pal passes away.

I miss my Cousin Gary too. The older

We get, the more we lose. Mortality


Creeps into everything.

We must sing

Freedom, Justice, Beauty


As the days die, as we weep

And turn in our sleep



Meaning jumps out at me

Everywhere I meet myself

I shall place a mirror in my garden


To remind me of Alice

Of a wonderland that always

Never was will be evermore


One by one the birds eat the berry apples

They saved them for just now

They are shy friends but wise


Come rejoice with me about Life

As the earth turns and the sun does rise

After all. Remember


To remember. Pass on what you can

That is of value. Tell me true

And I will love you, treasure you well


By Leona Graham-Elen, for you all

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