In Our Time

December 17, 2010

Mohamed Bouazizi triggers The Jasmine Revolution, The Arab Spring— but long before, in many places, others had planted seeds


A year on

Protestors occupy Haymarket Square in nearby Norwich,

Occupy London stands by Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning.



They go to court with The Bank of Ideas to defend the Right to Protest.

Prosaic footsteps to found real democracy

On the doorstep of the Mother of Parliaments


This morning

The Czech poet-politician Vaclav Havel died.

The Velvet Revolution softens his fall.


January 1919

William Butler Yeats writes his Second Coming:

‘Turning and turning in the widening gyre’

What a man of his times he was

With the War to End All Wars at his back

‘Surely some revelation is at hand’

Knowing more was yet to come



Occupy Wall Street will not go away

As Americans of all ages get to grip with

Lawrence Lessig’s Lost Republic



Is the time, our time, we are

The Ones We Waited For

We were always here

Steve Jobs just made it easier

For us to call upon one another

We bit the apple at our first beginnings

Now we eat it all as wisdom seeps

Out and seeds sprout new trees of Knowledge

We are all part of Life

We can do it

There is a hippy genius in each one of us

All the other animals are just waiting for us to catch up


As soon as possible

Before it’s too late for us anyway

Time is just a concept

We invented to make sense


Of the passage of infinity

18 December 2011

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