The OCCUPY Movement is a positive virus running rampant…fingers crossed that it can dislodge outworn modes, let alone Patriarchal Capitalism…

As a dawning realization emerges across the world that POSSIBLY there are OTHER modes of human behavior than  crime-petitive capitalism, as enunciated for years by linguist and philosopher Genevieve Vaughan and Her Good Work with The Gift Economy, and more lately by relative newcomers (younger that is…), Charles Eisenstein and his Sacred Economics, we dare to have a glimmer of HOPE.

Meantime, one expects the ENEMY to start employing yet more dastardly lawyers, (m)ad men and corrupt politicians to attempt to stave off what could UNDO their negative viral attempts, ages old and whatever the style and area of the world, at CONTROLLING planetary wealth, which of course includes the FOOD we need to live. The recent downing of tools in the Good Old USA of SOPA and PIPA as per Internet Control Attempts seems like a VICTORY on ‘OUR SIDE’…as well as the cancellation of the Sand Tars Pipeline by President Obama (on a technicality we are warned by our Good Websites) but one imagines that The Other Side will be working hard to offset any losses and probably were prepared for this (long ago).

I suppose we must become Just Better At It All.

I don’t worry or wonder about who reads my Wee BLOG but Whomsoever You Might Be, I suppose that you are On Our Side, The Angels, I guess…I am so glad you are out there, working with me and The Others, to TRY to MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO OCCUPY.


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