V-Day: Rising Here at Home

14 February 2013

Here At Home
All is quiet
On the one billionth doorstep

But I can hear them in the distance
Demanding freedom from violence
Celebrating hope despite the danger

The right to walk streets
Without fear of rape
A determination to right wrong

In Delhi they dance
In Manila they move
In Sydney they sing

All over the world
We are rising

Sisters and brothers
Mothers and fathers
Wives and husbands

Women and men
Girls and boys
Gay and straight

The French Parliament
The Mayor of New York
Jane Fonda

There is much work to do
On Planet Earth
But the Time has Come

For this Cause.
Meantime, yes, we save the polar bears,
The humpback whales, the bees

And the sun shone on London town
Gaia spins her wheel
There’s not much time

As the spectre of climate change
Haunts our sleep
But maybe, just maybe

Good Spirits will walk the earth again
With us, High Magic will return,
Let us break the chains

To make it so

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