Great Aunt Alice: in Memoriam for My Friend Ann’s Aunt Who is being Remembered in a Special Service April 27th 2013 in Pennsylvania USA

Great Aunt Alice

For Alice Lillian Carlson nee Retzlaff

January 4, 1907-October 2, 2012

By Ann’s friend Leona Alice-Mae Graham


I felt

I knew

Ann’s Aunt Alice.


Through the years

Her-stories came my way.

I wish we’d met.


But we did

In a way,

A woman after my own heart:






Through Ann’s eyes

I knew you, Alice,

Admired and aspired


To emulate you in my old age.

After all, I am an Alice too,

As was my father’s mother.


The world, our life,

Has been our wonderland,

Our looking-glass.


Alert and wise

You made Ann’s days wonderful,

All the lives you touched,


Even at a distance,

Like mine.

I hope it’s okay to call you


Great Aunt Alice

In memory of a life greatly,

Nobly, powerfully lived.

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