V Day 2014


Transforming Hallmark Valentine Day into Victory for Vagina Day

We sang, surfed, danced and digitalized

To a tricky, troubled watery, snowy, icy world, full of rolling clouds and manifest bluster, the close edge of climate change upon us


The winds blow on, remembering Peter Postlethwaite’s gift of himself in the film Stupid, reading Doris Lessing’s Time Bites

I wonder, with all my wise friends, poised to serve as needs must, about


Though NOW reigns paramount

Snowdrops accumulate, daffodils dare, earth turns, people die, babies are born, humans a blip in cosmic time

I cling to hope

As we turn Valentine’s Day into Victory Against Violence—somewhere, a woman will not be wounded, a girl not be violated, a brother stands beside his sister, her friend in deed








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