How My Garden Grows


4 June 2015, Cambridgeshire, UK


Well, to start with

We must rescue speaking plants

From dumb nurseries


Then they take charge

Overmuch, methinks, maybe

But follow the clues


The new russet Japanese maple

The pink-blue hydrangea

Debate with ancient yellow irises


Reborn old-fashioned lilac

Recovers beside traditional eternally

Rebirthed fuschsia, what the hell


That wood pigeon is asking for trouble

Hermes the god-cat is watching

Next door’s yellow rose pokes its nose across the border


The white roses shall win again

But close follow up by sweet honeysuckle

And fragrant jasmine


Across the divide of grass that would-be meadow

The ceanothus shouts volumes

Of abuse at anything in its way


The fruit trees run apace

Apricot, fig, apple and cherry

Dear lemon watches from afar, aloof


The Cornish camellias dream deep

As the peonies have their day in the sun

Soon to sleep, aye to sweep up another day


I cannot bear such beauty

But we must, as bees buzz

And blackbirds nest, best of show




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