Death On The Day of Remembrance

11 November 2015

Death shall have its dominion
After all is said and done
Year on year we remember more

Clearly as the leaves fall
Between the headstones
Drifting down centuries

Of endless war, as babies drown
On Mediterranean shores
And the rape of Syria

Wearies the world
In its cocoon before climate
Change wakes us all from

The Sleep of Us Undead.
But the woman my humanity
Holds me to be, has hope

Though not in my lifetime
Perchance sometime
A young girl will dance

Where once Death stalked
Will sing where Blood spilt
In Her Life we shall be reborn.

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One Response to Death On The Day of Remembrance

  1. Brian WARK says:

    I very much like the continuity of thought and tempo between the three line stanzas: the meaning flows onto the next and the next idea without breaking for structure. Our world climate issues are like that, they flow on accelerating year after year, not diminishing or disappearing with time structures arranged around years and decades and millennia.

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