Great Aunt Alice: in Memoriam for My Friend Ann’s Aunt Who is being Remembered in a Special Service April 27th 2013 in Pennsylvania USA

Great Aunt Alice For Alice Lillian Carlson nee Retzlaff January 4, 1907-October 2, 2012 By Ann’s friend Leona Alice-Mae Graham   I felt I knew Ann’s Aunt Alice.   Through the years Her-stories came my way. I wish we’d met.   But we did In a way, A woman after my own heart:   Indefatigable. […]

International Women’s Day: rise up, never give up, we stand on our fore-mothers’ shoulders…

V-Day and W-Day meet in my mind we sing one song, a hymn to a future without violence to girls and women a joyful tune of tomorrow our species walks in wisdom, dances with wolves, runs with the cheetah we are ready now for all men to lay down their arms and be for us […]

Ageing, At Seventy, And Counting

…. having read Lynne Segal’s Making Trouble: Life and Politics, A Political Memoir (2007) Threescore and ten I can remember well: Within the volume of which time I have seen Hours dreadful and things strange; but this sore night Hath trifled former knowings. Shakespeare: Macbeth (1605) The days of our years are threescore years and […]