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The Great Returning — Living in the Anthropocene Age — Page 3

Ageing, At Seventy, And Counting

by Leona Graham January 26, 2013 Anthropocene Diary

…. having read Lynne Segal’s Making Trouble: Life and Politics, A Political Memoir (2007) Threescore and ten I can remember well: Within the volume of which time I have seen Hours dreadful and things strange; but this sore night Hath trifled former knowings. Shakespeare: Macbeth (1605) The days of our years are threescore years and […]

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by Leona Graham December 25, 2012 Uncategorized

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Making Peanut Butter Cookies Whilst the World….

by Leona Graham October 24, 2012 Anthropocene Diary

…whatever… Syrians tortured by their dynastic overlords, Israel and Palestine continue in mutual other-self-hatreds, USA heads to the polls to elect another sort of overlord (but Lord save us all from their worst option and another Cold-Hot War Era), my country of birth still in the hands of corporate mad-men (multi-answer riddle, eh?), evil seed-lords […]

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Seeing Beyond Syria’s Bleeding Spring to A Summer of Hope

by Leona Graham May 24, 2012 Anthropocene Diary

I’ve been stuck in Syria’s bloodbath with all Syrians, at a comfortable distance in one of the old empires who helped create The Whole Problem–stuck in their unfinished uprising even as Egypt goes to the presidential polls without a clear mandate as to what A President can accomplish (or is allowed to by The Military […]

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by Leona Graham January 22, 2012 Anthropocene Diary

The OCCUPY Movement is a positive virus running rampant…fingers crossed that it can dislodge outworn modes, let alone Patriarchal Capitalism… As a dawning realization emerges across the world that POSSIBLY there are OTHER modes of human behavior than  crime-petitive capitalism, as enunciated for years by linguist and philosopher Genevieve Vaughan and Her Good Work with […]

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In Our Time

by Leona Graham December 22, 2011 Anthropocene Diary

December 17, 2010 Mohamed Bouazizi triggers The Jasmine Revolution, The Arab Spring— but long before, in many places, others had planted seeds   A year on Protestors occupy Haymarket Square in nearby Norwich, Occupy London stands by Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning.   Tomorrow They go to court with The Bank of Ideas to defend the […]

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Black on Red

by Leona Graham December 18, 2011 Anthropocene Diary

Blackbirds cluster on crabapples The black cat watches with yellow eyes The garden sighs softly as winter drops   In nearby Norwich the protestors occupy Haymarket Square; we drop in for a cuppa, Mandy and me. They are Us, Reborn,   Ready for action. An old pal passes away. I miss my Cousin Gary too. […]

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Remembering Mum

by Leona Graham November 25, 2011 Anthropocene Diary

Two years ago yesterday You leapt into other dimensions True to your philosophical bent You chose when and how Just as the angel image of you returned Your white haloed hair you so kindly passed to me Striking full force into my awakened dream state We greeted one another as of old Full of the […]

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As Syria Bleeds

by Leona Graham November 16, 2011 Anthropocene Diary

Once again but always different As the fountains of Damascus flow red, as The People of Homs say No Once And For All To dictatorship, corrupt elites, military might of the few, evil incarnate Yes To self-determination, hope for better rule, sadly but necessarily the use of guns, goodness pending The Assad Regime and those […]

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The Day After the Day Before, The Very Day That Dictator Died

by Leona Graham October 21, 2011 Anthropocene Diary

The day after the day before, the very day That dictator died The world watched, we hope the other dictators wake up and walk away From such a destiny, a miracle in deed, spare their families and friends a worse fate We wonder about revolutions and worry about The Egyptian One Even as Tunisia goes […]

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